2018 GTC-DC – DeepCore, CityBox and xTerrain

2018 GTC-DC – DeepCore, CityBox and xTerrain

For anyone heading in to DC this afternoon, please attend the presentation by Buzz Roberts and Tony Frazier at GTC-DC!

DC8250 – Harnessing Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Augmentation to Build a Better World

Growth in the geospatial sector has led to an explosive amount of data being collected to characterize our changing planet. The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Augmentation (AAA) strategy is focused on helping our nation and its allies harness these new resources to more quickly respond to time sensitive missions like humanitarian assistance and disaster response. Learn how Radiant Solutions is combining machine learning on NVIDIA GPUs with crowdsourcing capabilities to help operationalize AAA. Both speakers share success stories on how AAA is currently being applied to augment a variety of NGA missions and is helping close the gap between data collection and decisions.

They are going to walk through their thoughts on AAA and how machine learning can help solve real world problems. Enjoy!


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