DeepCore v1.4.0

DeepCore v1.4.0

I’m pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.0 of the DeepCore Framework. DeepCore has undergone some changes for the 1.4 release, including adding support for ONNX models for inference in DeepCore, as well as adding a new Cloud Optimized Geotiff creation tool that is significantly faster than current COG generation tools already on the market. To request a download of DeepCore 1.4.0, please visit our Download page.

Release notes for DeepCore 1.4.0:

 – Major: Add Cogifier (DEEP-388, DEEP-459)
 – Major: Add ONNX Reader Support (DEEP-396)
 – Add pixel location as an attribute of detects (DEEP-409)
 – Updates to allow complex models in TensorFlow (DEEP-248)
 – Update to use open connection to support certain reader plugins (DEEP-379)
 – Update image reader to use transforms in *.geom files (DEEP-445, DEEP-452)
 – Clean up docs (DEEP-458)
 – Fix logging issue in backtrace with libbacktrace instead of exec (DEEP-439)
 – Fix minor memory leak (DEEP-448)
 – Fix regression reading certain models with a CRC error (DEEP-437)
 – Fix issue reading bands with “Error: Number of bands must be greater than zero” (DEEP-424)

For more information on ONNX, see their website at
For more information on Cloud Optimized Geotiff, see their website at
For more information about DeepCore Cogifier, see our blog post here.

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